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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

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NAE™ Project: Update

Featured Sponsors

September 20, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen:


BSABe Prepared. That is the motto of one of the most widely recognized youth organizations in the world;  Boy Scouts of America.  Despite its name, the organization isn't exclusively for boys.  Girls can also join in programs that develop good citizenship, character development, confidence and self reliance. Boy Scouts of America turned 100 this February and continues to teach skills that will remain with those young people for the rest of their lives.  It is estimated that 110 million Americans have participated in BSA programs since its inception.  They range from astronauts to successful business people....from teachers to politicians...from our military branches to our nation's ordinary family members.

Astronaut General Joe Engle, who flew the former F-104 Starfighter that is now our jet car, was a Boy Scout, as were many other astronauts.  One of the many scouting awards include a Space Exploration Merit Badge. And so, in their centennial year, Team NAE™ presents a big salute to the Boy Scouts of America.  We look forward to more tours of our hangar by local scouting troops. You have an open invitation.

Scout Oath (or Promise)
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times; 
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Today's work party included Keith Zanghi, Sean Rondestvedt, Larry Martinson, Levi Swett, Omar Chramosta, Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong, Cris Greene and his friend Jeremy Kuhlmann who pedaled up the taxi way in their custom bicycle built for two, complete with side car.  As you can see, grown men often revert back to their boy selves.

Visitors today included Paul Barber and his daughter, Briana; Rachel Petersen, who is a friend of Briana; and team member Larry Martinson's daughter, Tanya.  All three of these pretty ladies had a photo op moment in the cockpit of the North American Eagle™.

The two works in progress gained some ground today as our spiffy new powder coated rear axle mobilizer was shortened a bit and then rolled into position and load tested.  It was determined that the rubber tires would not work out with air inflation...and so will be filled with a dense and heavy foam that will withstand the load.  It will more than triple the weight of the wheels but then the team is used to dealing with heavy things. Unfortunately,  we have found that lighter is not always better.


The mid wheel compartment modification continues as Keith is firming up the final design for the wheels enclosure and a new design for fastening the compartment door. Thanks again to the folks at Central Welding Supply and whose machines and welding consumables make it possible.

Our afternoon dining experience was a yumtious smoked salmon spread and variety crackers.  ..thanks to Levi and Larry.  Today.... the work was all good.

On The Bookstand


Now available for sale is Colonel Joe Kittinger's new book Come Up and Get Me: An Autobiography of Colonel Joseph Kittinger is can be purchased on A longtime friend of the North American Eagle, we consider Col Joe a consultant, who advises us on technical matters regularly.

On the Newsstands

If you own a Falcon Business Jet, then you have seen the North American Eagle in the latest issue of Falconer Magazine, Issue 36 / 2010. If you're not lucky enough to own a multi-million dollar business jet, the you can read The Quest To Be The Fastest Car On Earth written by Grant Kielczewski, Managing Editor on line. It features extraordinary photos of our July 2009 test session at The Black Rock Desert, and tells the story of tenacity and resourcefulness as our team challenges the 763 mph world land speed record.


Intel Solid State Drive Videos

If  you haven't seen them yet now would be a good time to watch the videos we did with Intel promoting their indestructible Solid State Drives.

F-104 decals

For All you F-104 Scale Model Builders

Tony Landis from NASA Dryden sent us this information. Rocketeer Decal, a manufacturer of scale model decals now offer a decal sheet that includes turning your 1/72 F-104 model with the livery of 56-0763. Cool huh?

We know a lot of our fans are on facebook.  Now the North American Eagle™ is on facebook!   In fact many of our team members are also!  Tell your friends! It's fun!

We invite you to add a comment, or remark, about our program or the site.

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