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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

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NAE™ Project: Update

Featured Sponsors

October 9, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Clavin Dirks
Calvin Dirks, Per Wimmer & Ed Shadle

We are happy to announce that NAE™ Team Member Calvin Dirks is now in the 200 mph club! Today at the Bonneville Speedway Calvin backed up a 275.6 mph run he made yesterday setting a new record in the Steve and Dave Green Lakester. The super crew was on hand including Steve Green, Dave Green Cam Shadle, Ed Shadle and cousin Eric. After making his back up run this morning of 275.7, Ed climb into the car with just an hour left in the meet and ran over 255 mph, earning himself a Double A competition license (AA). Congratulations to the entire team! Calvin now has the distinct honor of wearing the prize red 200 mph cap, along with Steve and Dave Green.

Back in Spanaway, a small but ever willing volunteer crew turned out at our hangar to work on the North American Eagle™, the world landspeed record challenger.  Present were Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Austin Waage, Omar Chramosta, Rob Martinson,  and John Winchester.  Jon Higley took time out of his busy campaign effort for State Legislature for the 27th District to turn some wrenches. John Winchester came by to review a new parachute deployment method.

Sparks were flying and hammers were ringing as good progress was made in the modification of the mid wheels well compartment.  The steel diamond plated panels were finished and attached to the inner welded bolts and checked for fit.  They were reinforced with welded straps that had been fashioned to conform to the curvature of the panels. This was done the old fashioned way used in black smithing; stretching the straps by pounding them in to a conforming curve using a ball peen hammer and anvil.

Both the left and the right sides of the mid wheel compartment were enclosed with these panels. Thanks again to the folks at Central Welding Supply and whose machines and welding consumables make it possible. Work to be done includes the final metal work that will seal off the remaining open spaces and complete the fastening assemblies for the compartment doors. This modification will greatly reduce the amount of lakebed dirt that roils up into the fuselage and also provides a measure of a safety shield around the wheels. In a few short weeks this work will be complete and the team will move onto the aft aerodynamic surfaces.

Work is progressing on our aerodynamic analysis. The above two graphics prepared by Darren Grove and Don Mitchell at first might appear as photos, but are in reality a digital image of the North American Eagle™. Using previous detail section scans from FARO Technologies Laser Trackers, Photon Scanner and FaroArm, Don worked with Troy Ashby from Geomagic Software and combined them with a master model created by Micah Carter from Capture 3D. Micah used a combination of Photogrammetry and the ATOS 3D Digitizer to create a highly accurate digitized version of the real life Eagle. The final point cloud consisted over 20 million points that defined the exterior surface of the Eagle.

Now our aerodynamics team of Darren Grove, Rex Walter, Ron Doll and Mike Thoe will begin the highly complex task of analyzing the airflow around the Eagle using a software program called Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

The team uses Lenovo ThinkStations for our Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis. Lenovo ThinkStations are the only desktop computer available that handle the massive computations needed for this important work. When the systems are loaded with Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 R19 software, Geomagic Software and CFD Software.

We had some visiting friends and supporters drop in for a tour today.  Some of whom have been present during our previous desert test runs. Pat and Kay McNeil and Mike and Joyce Meenen enjoyed a close up look at the former F-104 Star Fighter jet plane, now a jet car contender for the world land speed record.

This week we would like to announce a partnership with Idex Solutions: A Dassault Systèmes VAR (Value Added Retailer). Idex Solutions has been providing engineering services to companies since 1996. They provide CATIA solid modeling and drafting services to the automotive and aerospace fields, as well as contract labor to help their engineering departments during peaks in manpower requirements. We'll have more on this exciting partnership in the next week.

Ping Fu

Ed Shadle, Ping Fu and Keith Zanghi at last year's Geomagic Convergence

Geomagic Presents Points Beyond

Team North American Eagle™ is pleased to announce our presence at the Geomagic Points Beyond Seminar in Detroit, November 1 & 2, 2010. The Geomagic Points Beyond Road Show will let you:
  • EXPERIECNCE tools that are changing the way companies design, engineer and manufacture - faster, better, greener and more customized

  • INTERACT with Geomagic developers, expert users and your peers who are breaking down barriers to productivity, innovation and customer satisfaction.

  • IMMERSE yourself in the new features of Geomagic Studio 12 and Geomagic Qualify 12 with exclusive training sessions and live demos..

  • TAKE AWAY information, contacts and knowledge that will help deliver you to points beyond your competitors.

Ed and Keith will be presenting the entire value stream of the North American Eagle's Aerodynamics Analysis and how Geomagic is an integral part of that effort.

Recently Ping Fu filmed a video at Jay Leno's Garage and talked about how Geomagic is used to engineer new and existing details and assemblies. Also in the video is Jeff Squibs and David Mihal from FARO Technologies who both have done work on the North American Eagle™.

On The Bookstand


Now available for sale is Colonel Joe Kittinger's new book Come Up and Get Me: An Autobiography of Colonel Joseph Kittinger is can be purchased on A longtime friend of the North American Eagle, we consider Col Joe a consultant, who advises us on technical matters regularly.

On the Newsstands

If you own a Falcon Business Jet, then you have seen the North American Eagle in the latest issue of Falconer Magazine, Issue 36 / 2010. If you're not lucky enough to own a multi-million dollar business jet, the you can read The Quest To Be The Fastest Car On Earth written by Grant Kielczewski, Managing Editor on line. It features extraordinary photos of our July 2009 test session at The Black Rock Desert, and tells the story of tenacity and resourcefulness as our team challenges the 763 mph world land speed record.


Intel Solid State Drive Videos

If  you haven't seen them yet now would be a good time to watch the videos we did with Intel promoting their indestructible Solid State Drives.

F-104 decals

For All you F-104 Scale Model Builders

Tony Landis from NASA Dryden sent us this information. Rocketeer Decal, a manufacturer of scale model decals now offer a decal sheet that includes turning your 1/72 F-104 model with the livery of 56-0763. Cool huh?

We know a lot of our fans are on facebook.  Now the North American Eagle™ is on facebook!   In fact many of our team members are also!  Tell your friends! It's fun!

We invite you to add a comment, or remark, about our program or the site.

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