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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

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NAE™ Project: Update

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Envision CMOS X-ray

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today's work party was fewer in numbers but ready to rumble as we met to accomplish more tasks on the way to our upcoming test sessions later this year. Present or accounted for:  Sean Rondestvedt, Steve Wallace, Von Armstrong, Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, John Winchester, Omar Chramosta and Jon Higley.

As a result of last Saturday's parachute deployment tests, a new configuration was addressed and the two parachute canisters were modified with a new and stronger mounting bracket.

Ed & Sean

Ed and Sean remove tail cone.

This required the removal of the tail cone assembly for working access.  The heavy tail cone encloses the huge 45,500 hp S&S Turbine Services jet engine and is installed with scant clearances on all sides.  As has been said and here paraphrased, "necessity is the mother of invention." A five man crew managed to invent new ways to gently ease the tail cone back and out from the engine and onto a loading cart with the use of multiple floor jacks.  This will be an opportune time for refinishing the burnt paint caused by afterburner heat and for devising camera placement mounts to capture real time test run pictures.

Disconnecting the bolts
Tail cone coming off
Looking through tail cone
Keith works on belly sheild

Steve spent some time checking data acquisition systems to assure the capture of running test numbers.  And Ed and Keith continued work on the undercarriage enclosure of the mid wheels.

High speed chute being made

John working on chute
John working on chute
John works on chute

A lot of water has gone over the dam to keep the sewing machine at John Winchesters house running this past week.  For weeks now, John has been building another high speed parachute.  The work is very tedious, but as you can see from the photos work is progressing well.

Leslie Porterfield New Co-Driver

LeslieBig news this past week has been the addition of Leslie Porterfield to Team North American Eagle™ as new co-driver.  Leslie already holds the title of world's fastest woman on two wheels and will now do the same, later this fall, for automobiles.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such a dynamic team. I am honored to be part of their mission to go after the absolute unlimited land speed record. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!”  Ms. Porterfield states.

The team was also all for the decision by Leslie Porterfield, holder of multiple Guinness Book of Speed Records on motorcycles, to join the team and strive for the world land speed record for women in a different class. Leslie will be piloting the North American Eagle™ during some future test runs. Welcome aboard, Leslie!  You rule on two wheels.....go for it on five wheels with a jet engine throttle in hand.

To read more  about Leslie visit her website at


Victor Aviation
Air Liquide

Victor Sloan

Victor Sloan explains the patent pending process to Corinne Chovet of Air Liquide.

More News From Palo Alto - Victor Aviation

Scientific analysis continues at Victor Aviation on our wheels as they undergo rigorous testing using Cryogenic NDT to detect phase shift in the aluminum wheels. Victor Aviation uses services from Sonic Sensors of San Luis Obispo, in California, who uses EMAT to detect the phase shift in real time.

Electron Microscope

Another tool Victor Aviation uses is an Electron Microscope.

CMOS Xray Coming to Spanaway

In the next few weeks, technicians will be down to x-ray the wheels and to practice for post run testing.  Following each run, every wheel will be inspected using CMOS Xray NDI equipment.

Cmos system
X-rayed pistol

CMOS Xray technology ( CMOS is an abbreviation for complementary metal oxide silicon) allows for cost saving imaging on a wide array of equipment in the aviation, security, and other related industries. Envision will be looking at our high speed wheels. They will be inspecting the wheels for imperfections.  Safety is top priority on the project and it is critical that we have the NDI capabilities which CMOS Xray can provide.

Col Joe Kittinger Book

come up and get meFriend and consultant to the  North American Eagle™ Col Joe Kittinger's book, Come Up and Get Me is now available in softcover from   The hardcover version is nearly sold out with copies going on Amazon for up to $158.00!  If you haven't got your copy yet now would be the time while supplies last.  The softcover is now being sold, along with a Kindle version.

Ed, Joe, wife & Keith


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