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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

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NAE™ Project: Update

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June 12, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We put a very busy day behind us on a rainy day in Spanaway.  Working on a variety of tasks were Bill Eckberg, Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Tom Tiede, Steve Wallace, Dave Selby, Rich Pengelley, Von Armstrong, Jon Higley, Omar Chramosta, Chris Greene, Larry Martinson, Chris Hughes, and Levi Swet.

Chris Greene brought his friend Rhiley Sparks along to watch the NAE Team at work. And on the day before Father's Day, Chris' parents, Tad and Angie Greene, dropped by the hangar to visit the team.

A number of items were struck from the to do list.  Chris went to work  preparing the new front wheel jack stand for painting; Von and Rich had the 56 foot long North American Eagle™ looking more presentable after the powder and decals were wiped off and removed; left over from the photogrammetry and scan process done by Capture 3D. The final rear axle modifications  were completed and checked.

Sam Yellowbird designed and fabricated a roll around cart for our main tool chests and Rich spent most of the day rearranging tools and getting the chests up and mounted on the cart.

Our newly renovated drill press from Eagle Machining is now up and running sweetly after Steve and Ed got all of the necessary electrical components together and working.

Keith got on the working end of the welding torch again and affixed a snatch block point to the engine cart. This will assist the power winch in the day's big job....reinstalling the huge turbo jet engine into the fuselage.  The engine arrived back from Canada after undergoing a thorough analysis and tune up by S&S Turbine Services, Ltd in Fort St. John BC.

The engine install went smoothly, directed by Crew Chief Bill Eckberg.  It takes all hands to position the fuselage, position the engine cart directly behind the fuselage, and  then carefully hoist the engine up with the gantry, align it,  and ease it in with less than an inch clearance on all sides.

After it was locked and loaded, Dave, Chris Hughes, Steve, and Levi went to work assuring that the fuel and electrical lines were reconnected.

Next Saturday....the tail cone goes on, the 7 ton jet car gets loaded into the trailer on its newly reconstructed rear loading axle, and it will be ready to make big afterburner fire and very loud noise during the upcoming static test on July 4th.

On the Newsstands

If you own a Falcon Business Jet, then you have seen the North American Eagle in the latest issue of Falconer Magazine, Issue 36 / 2010. If you're not lucky enough to own a multi-million dollar business jet, the you can read The Quest To Be The Fastest Car On Earth written by Grant Kielczewski, Managing Editor on line. It features extraordinary photos of our July 2009 test session at The Black Rock Desert, and tells the story of tenacity and resourcefulness as our team challenges the 763 mph world land speed record.


Intel Solid State Drive Videos

If  you haven't seen them yet now would be a good time to watch the videos we did with Intel promoting their indestructible Solid State Drives.

F-104 decals

For All you F-104 Scale Model Builders

Tony Landis from NASA Dryden sent us this information. Rocketeer Decal, a manufacturer of scale model decals now offer a decal sheet that includes turning your 1/72 F-104 model with the livery of 56-0763. Cool huh?

We know a lot of our fans are on facebook.  Now the North American Eagle™ is on facebook!   In fact many of our team members are also!  Tell your friends! It's fun!

We invite you to add a comment, or remark, about our program or the site.

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