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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

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NAE™ Project: Update

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen:

A full day's work awaited the arriving NAE team members this morning. Present were Tom Tiede, Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, John Winchester, Omar Chramosta, Von Armstrong, John Drury, and Austin Waage.  Austin celebrated his 16th birthday today by joining in the team efforts to "git er done."

The day began with Ed Shadle participating in a camera session and interview by an independent video production crew from Outrageous Rides.comFrank Prentice, owner, and his son-in-law Jeff Crosiar, got the low down from Ed on how it is done and what it is like to take some truly outrageous rides on the 50,000+ horsepower North American Eagle, destined for a future 800 mph run for a new world land speed record.

First on the day's to do list was removal of the cockpit ejection seat. It is the original F-104 design and the seat assembly unit slides upward on rails to clear the fuselage. Since the six ton car was raised up on jack stands, it had to be lowered to the deck in order for the seat to be lifted high out of the rails and stay clear of the ceiling.

The next task required the car to be raised back up on high stands so that hydraulic lines could be disconnected, the front wheel removed, and the entire steering assembly box lowered out of the fuselage.  Weighing several hundred pounds, removal of the box required some very careful positioning of a combination of jacks and block stands to ease it out and lower it to the deck.  Thanks to the recently modified hydraulic jack adapter by Tom Tiede, the effort was probably the easiest to date.

It was readily apparent that the steering and suspension components are in need of some thorough clean up and maintenance. That work began today and will carry over into Saturdays to come. John Drury got a good start by doing some welding while Von started the dirty work of cleaning and restoring to new, many of the suspension components.


Keith took a turn under the Central Welding Supply # 10 welding helmet as he continued to whittle away at the mid-wheel assembly. Team North American Eagle™ is pleased Central Welding Supplies now owns and operates The Pacific Welding Supply Chain of stores. They are now a Division of Central Welding Supply. Located in nearby Tacoma, PWS has seven stores serving the south end. NAE's Keith Zanghi has been using the services of Pacific Welding Supplies since 1978! It is really handy having a Central Welding Supply company so close.

This week we want to share you some screen shots of the Eagle with Geomagic Studio Software created by Don Mitchell and Troy Ashby. Geomagic Studio converts the huge point cloud created by Capture 3D Digitizers and FARO Technology Laser Trackers into surfaces that can be used in other software programs like Dassault Systèmes CATIVA V5 R19 and PointWise Software.

Our aerodynamics team of Rex Walter, Ron Doll, Darren Grove, and Mike Thoe are making progress on our CFD analysis. Using Lenovo C20 ThinkStations loaded with enough memory that allows our team to "work at home." The work will help us analyze and mitigate the effects of transonic shock waves on the Eagle.


Visitors today included a nearby neighbor pilot and her guest who was given a tour. Chris Greene and his parents also dropped by.

Annual Team Christmas Breakfast

For all our team members and sponsors, this Saturday we will be taking the weekend off and celebrate 2010 and look forward to setting the record in 2011. Just like the previous four years we will be holding our event at The Lemay Museum - America's Car Museum. Located on the grounds of the world's largest automotive collection, the volunteers at the Senior Center serve up a great breakfast. Keith and Ed will give their usual "Year in Review." Special guest this year will be classical guitarist and friend of the North American Eagle™, Craig Dell. It promises to be another fun event for members and their families.

A Little About Craig

Craig Alden Dell, a 45 year veteran of the guitar, has studied and performed the styles of Classical, Flamenco and Impressionistic, as well as Folk, ethnic and Progressive guitar. He has played twice at Carnegie Hall in New York and been a session player for Joan Baez, Alice Cooper and others. We know the entire team will thoroughly enjoy this unique treat. You can read more about Craig at his website, and listen to some of his music.

The Keith Zanghi accordion recital will be rescheduled for next year's event.

We know a lot of our fans are on facebook.  Now the North American Eagle™ is on facebook!   In fact many of our team members are also!  Tell your friends! It's fun!

We invite you to add a comment, or remark, about our program or the site.

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