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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

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NAE™ Project: Update

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David Clark

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week's update: Endevco Meggitt sensor wires are routed: is on our new servers: Mid-wheel doors ready to accept fairings.

Ed & Steve

Steve Wallace & Ed Shadle

Pressure Sensor Wiring Installed

Steve Wallace spent most of the day installing wiring for some Endevco Meggitt pressure sensors. These will be used to measure the pressure on the outside of the vehicle when transonic shock waves start to develop around Mach 0.8.   Darren Grove, Ron Doll, Rex Walter and Mike Thoe are working on the CFD modeling using Metacomp's CFD++ software.  During our upcoming test sessions, actuals will be recorded, then compared with the values in the CFD++ model. If they are different, we will insert the actuals and get a more refined result.

Parachute Air Deployment System Tested

When you go very fast, at a critical point, stopping becomes very important.  Today, Team NAE™ continued to put all the pieces together in the quest to go over the top during a record setting run... and then shutting down,  stopping, turning around, and starting all over again for the final average speed return run for the record. Stopping relies on high speed parachute deployment.  Testing our air deployment system, we made three very successful static releases.  We were happy with the test results.

Mid-Wheel Door Work Continues

Chris Greene, Rich Pengelley and Keith Zanghi installed the base units for the mid-wheel fairings.  The contoured fairings are being fabricated now and will be ready to pick up at the steel fabricators this week.

Chris Greene
Rich Pengelley
Intake door on New Servers

This week an important change took place, and as planned, was transparent to everyone. Our Gear Page on is now on our new servers.  During the coming week we will move to the same servers.  This will make it possible to switch over to our new website very easily.  Brandyn Bayes has been working with Webmasters Jon Higley and Patricia Wood to develop the new site.  Look for the new site in the next few weeks.

Chris w/ friend - Logan

Chris Green's Friend Logan Stop by For a Tour of The Eagle

Ecliptic Enterprises Cameras

Bill Eckberg has been working on the Ecliptic Enterprises RocketCam™ Cameras.  Ecliptic Enterprises supplies NASA with all the onboard cameras on the Space Shuttle and many other rockets like the Delta Heavy Rockets.  We will be using three RocketCam™ Cameras on our upcoming test session.

Thank You NAE Team Members

This week a big thank you to Chris Greene, Brandyn Bayes, Doug Bayes, Omar Chramosta, Steve Wallace, Rich Pengelley, John Winchester, Bill Eckberg,  Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle.  This week working virtual was John Mittleider, Darren Grove, Ron Doll, Rex Walter, Mike Thoe, Don Mitchell, Jon Higley and Trisha Wood who all made important contributions to the project.


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