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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

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NAE™ Project: Technical Sponsors Page

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Team North  American Eagle™ is pleased to announce 3D Connexion as a new sponsor.  Eagle designers will be using 3D Connexion's SpacePilot™ Pro 3 D mouse to design details and assemblies for the 56 foot long Eagle.Working in conjunction with our Lenovo ThinkStations and Lenovo ThinkPads,  3D Connexion's SpacePilot™ Pro 3D mouse will provide our designers using Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 and Geomagic Software with a multi functional  ergonomic friendly 3D mouse.


Geomagic - Geomagic, Inc. is a worldwide software and services company headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and distributors worldwide. More than 5,000 professionals in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices and consumer products use Geomagic software and services. Enabled by advanced optical measurement systems and 3D-data processing software, DSSP is the process of digitally capturing physical objects and automatically creating accurate 3D models.

Tropos Networks

Tropos Networks - Tropos® Networks is the market leader in wireless broadband networks with more than 500 customers worldwide. Our solutions enable enterprises to own and control a smart, affordable IP-based infrastructure that can be securely used for multiple high-value applications. Tropos continues to innovate on the patented Tropos MetroMesh architecture that combines superior radios with innovative, world class software to enable customers to build highly scalable and reliable outdoor Wi-Fi networks.


Lenovo Corporation - Lenovo is a leader in the global PC market, with approximately $13 billion in annual revenue, and products serving enterprises and consumers the world over. Lenovo becomes an integral part of our design team and joins Dassault Systèmes, Verisurf Software, FARO Technologies and INCAT to provide engineering hardware and software solutions.


Topcon Positioning Systems - Topcon Positioning Systems provides the NAE™ GPS for our onboard data acquisition system.

Thomas Aerspace

Thomas Aerospace is an innovative high technology company specializing in aerospace systems design, consulting, prototyping, flight testing and flight instruction. Thomas Aerospace is building our high speed parachute and deployment bag system.


CMOS X-Ray - Providing equipment and technical support to the project.


Ecliptic Enterprises - Ecliptic Enterprises provides superior video camera equipment to NASA and other space program companies.

Opto 22

Opto 22 manufactures hardware and software products that link all kinds of electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices and machines to networks and computers.  Opto 22 supplies us with the input and output modules necessary for us to interface our pitch-damper/attitude controller and the linear motors and LVDT's controlling each canard. View update page here.

Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes- Dassault Systèmes provides CATIA V5 software for structural design and analysis. This software is the aerospace industry standard and will provide NAE™ Engineers with the tools to do rapid prototyping, structural analysis and aerodynamic engineering. Team NAE™ is pleased to be partners in its attempt to bring the record back to North America.


FARO Technologies, Inc. - FARO Technologies, Inc.  provides portable 3-D measurement devices such as the FARO Laser Tracker and FaroArm to digitize the entire vehicle structure for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) studies, FEA (Finite Element Analysis), structural analysis, rapid prototyping and other design requirements.

Verisurf Software

Verisurf Software, Inc. - Verisurf Software Inc  provides the most complete and powerful solution in coordinate measuring technology.  The software has been developed with considerable focus on updated methodology, focused on newer devices including FARO Laser Tracker and FaroArm while using Dassault Systèmes - CATIA V5 software.


Wolfe Air Aviation Limited®Wolfe Air Aviation Limited® is the recognized world leader for their aerial film and photography for the Movie and Television Industry.  Using the state of the art HD Video, Wolfe Air® has a fleet of helicopters and aircraft to capture even the fastest commercial and military aircraft for the Aerospace Industry.  Wolfe Air® will be providing some of the most sought after aerial video of the North American Eagle™ test and record runs.  Team NAE is proud to have Wolfe Air Aviation® onboard as a partner.


Impact Laser Services - Impact Laser Services manufacturers all the custom labeling for the North American Eagle™.  Electrical circuit breaker boxes, instrument identification,  computer wiring, hydraulic systems and other systems all benefit from accurate highly visible labeling.


Olympus Industrial - World leaders in remote high speed video cameras, Olympus Industrial will be supplying us with one of their i-SPEED 2 High Speed Video camera for the NAE™ to capture the parachute deployment needed for safely decelerating from Mach 1+ speeds. This will allow for analysis of chute deployment by Ed Drumheller II, the team's deceleration specialist. The NAE™ project is proud to have Olympus Industrial on board to help bring the world land speed record back to North America.


SpaceAge Control - SpaceAge Control has designed precise and reliable data acquisition instruments for flight test aircraft programs for over 30 years. With a broad customer base of military, defense contractor, government, commercial, research, automotive, racing, and academic users, SpaceAge Control air data products can be tailored for each application. The NAE™ will proudly be using two position transducers; one to monitor the load on the front wheel axle, while the other will monitor the canard position.


MotoCam - Motocam is another Seattle, WA based company specializing in digital video and recording equipment for avid auto and motocycle driving enthusiasts. Tim Ennis, Pres. & CEO of Motocam, is supplying the NAE™ with the equipment for mounting on various parts of the car to record footage of future test and record attempt runs.


Ahlers AerospaceThe 56 foot long, 52,000 hp North American Eagle™ relies on Ahlers Aerospace Instrumentation to monitor Exhaust Gas Temperature.  Easy to read, highly visible instrumentation that yields precise critical data needed to operate in a safe manner.

The Modal Shop - The Modal Shop, a PCB Group Company, provides structural vibration and acoustic sensing systems including the Laser Tach™  laser tachometer used in our data acquisition system for the North American Eagle™.

Puget Sound Video - Puget Sound Video is one of the oldest video and film production companies in the Pacific Northwest.  They offer full service, from complete video production, to transferring of those old 8mm home videos your parents took when you were a kid (Okay, if you're 50 or older).  We welcome new team member Richard “Rick”  Eaks.  Rick is in charge of video production.

Russell Garlow Graphics - Is the technical graphics firm that designed the paint scheme and Eagle on the side of the vehicle. Specializing in original aviation artwork and prints, Russell Garlow graphics offers innovative solutions to your graphics design needs.

Kodiak Motorsports

Kodiak Motorsports - Another Canadian Sponsor is Kodiak Mortorsports of Abbottsford, BC who are helping Team North American Eagle™ with technical skills for our low and high speed wheels. They are a state of the art wheel manufacturing facility, where they manufacture Kodiak Racing Wheels. Kodiak has numerous in house testing and polishing facilities.


The Gear Works - Seattle, Inc. - The Gear Works - Seattle, Inc. of Seattle, WA is certified designer, manufacturer, and repairer of gears and power transmission products from the small to the immensely huge. Gear cutting and grinding, stock planetary speed reducers, spline and keyway broaching, as well as complete CNC machine shop capability are only some of their capabilities.



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