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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

We invite you to...

NAE™ Project: Supporting Sponsors Page



Rapp Hydema supplies the North American Eagle™ with quality hydraulic supplies and services. For more than 100 years Rapp Marine Group successively has developed new generations of advanced machinery and equipment for the marine and offshore oil industries worldwide. Its high priority of R&D activities are closely linked to the groups basic strategy: Creating products and solutions at the technological forefront for an international markets. Rapp Hydema is located in nearby Seattle, WA.

Embassy Global

Embassy Global PR & Marketing Communications was established to help companies cost-effectively achieve their global Marketing and Public Relations goals, with measurable results. 
Our core competencies are in strategic marketing; global public relations; technical article writing and placement; advertising development; media buys; new product launches; joint venture promotion; and marketing collateral and web content development. We'll ensure that articles, press releases, websites and other materials are written for best possible search engine placement, and are published in as many channels as possible, all over the world. Our media relationships can help save up to 30% off published rates, and bring thousands of dollars in free publicity.

Specialty markets include aerospace & defense; automation; automotive; electronics and electronic components; industrial; government and finance; occupational health & safety; oil, gas & petrochemical; plant services; maintenance engineering; professional motorsports; power generation; pumps and systems; R&D; software; and test & measurement.

Technical product specialties include sensors and instrumentation; shock absorbers, rate controls and actuators; electronics and electronic components; plant services and maintenance; and vibration analysis, just to name a few.

Contact us today at info@embassyglobalpr.com for a free consultation!

Stand Up Photos

Stand Up Photo Sculptures - Stand Up Photos provides 3-D sculptured photo placards for any need. The NAE™ in 3-D is one of the many items available in our online gear store.

Milestones B&D

Milestones B&D - Milestones B&D is a proud sponsor to the NAE™ project by providing it with one of their high quality, simple construction, shelter units. They provide customers with a multitude of structure styles to suit every needs. The team was very pleased with the protection it provided the car during the dust storms on the Black Rock desert during our October '07 test session. It is a wonderful addition that meets our project needs and we're very grateful to them for it.


Starfighters, Inc. - The World's Fastest Airshow Team. Starfighters is the only operational F-104 demonstration team in North America. Based in Florida, this team provides the NAE™ project with support of various types.


SterlingCI - SterlingCi provides marketing and creative expertise for any size company requiring assistance with complete marketing communications programs or on a project basis. Our services include: identity, print, web, interactive presentations, and packaging.


ITRNA - ITR North America has been established to provide dealers with a full range of Exceptional Quality Undercarriage, Repair Parts, and Customer Service available in the industry. Their products include a wide range of replacement Undercarriage and Repair Components for use on Crawlers and Excavators manufactured by Cat, CNH, Deere, Hitachi, Komatsu and many more. The North American Eagle team is pleased to have them as a sponsor supporting our goal.


What A Shine - Team North American Eagle™ is pleased to announce a new sponsor.  What A Shine automotive detailing and finishing products from Fresno, CA is supplying all the waxes, polishes and automotive car washes for the Eagle. Contact Tom

Caveman Coffee

Caveman Coffee - Caveman Coffee, a local business with several drive-up locations in the Spanaway, WA area is our newest sponsor. Craig Bronson, owner of the business, has donated to the project a school bus the team will use for traveling together to testing and record setting events in the future.

One More Time Supply - One More Time Supply is an auto paint & body supply company, owned by Sam Yellowbird, and is providing the materials and expertise to repair damaged paint areas on the NAE™ to restore her original beauty.


Signs By Tomorrow - Signs By Tomorrow has joined as partners with the NAE™ project to provide high quality decals and signage for all its needs. With the large number of sponsor decals on the car, as well as the transport trailer, we are pleased and proud to have such a high quality company providing their services. If you have any need for signs, graphics, lettering, trade show displays, point-of-purchase displays, prototypes or decals, let Signs By Tomorrow show you what they can do!


Overall Laundry Services, Inc.Overall Laundry Services is the supplier of our industrial Singer Sewing machine used to manufacture all the parachute deployment bags and associated assemblies.

BlastekBlastek of Auburn, WA provides advanced dry stripping technologies for metal surface finishing on virtually all of the North American Eagle™ ground support equipment and many of its details and assemblies.

Powder Coatings, Inc.

Powder Coating, Inc. - Powder Coating, Inc. of Mukilteo, WA provides bullet proof, high luster, powder coated finishes for much of the equipment used by Team North American Eagle™. Powder Coating, Inc. finish keeps the equipment looking good and rust free.

Interstate Wood

Interstate Wood Products - We are happy to announce Interstate Wood Products of Kelso, WA as an official sponsor of the North American Eagle™ world landspeed record challenger.  Interstate Wood Products will provide preventative maintenance on the team's LevX® Volvo Tractor used for pulling the race car transporter. Don Lemon from Interstate Wood Product in Longview, WA donated wheels for the rear of the NAE, to be used for the mid-range testing. They once saw duty on the front of the Joint Venture Diesel truck at the Bonneville Salt flats.


Central Welding Supply - The official welding supplier of the North American Eagle™. They have been in business since 1975, with 9 locations (their latest is now in Woodinville) in the Puget Sound area. In addition to their retail chain they have an on-line company called Welders-Direct.com. Here you can buy all your welding consumables and equipment and have them delivered to your doorstep. Central Welding Supply provides all the NAE welding consumables and Lincoln plasma, wire feed and TIG welding machines.

Aero Engineering

Aero Engineering - Aero is one of our oldest supporters. Aero is the supplier of replacement skin panels and assemblies. Located in Valencia Califormia across the street from Magic Mountain, Aero Engineering is an official Lockheed Licensee.

Aerial Machine & Tool

Aerial Machine & Tool - Serving Government and Commercial Customers for over 70 years with the highest quality sewn and machined goods for Aviation, Aerospace, Life Support, and Industrial Products. A.M.&T has supplied NAE™ with much needed parachutes for high speed braking.

Performance Coatings

Performance Coatings - The official supplier of specialty finishes. Powder coating and molybnium disulfide coatings are just two finishes Performance Coatings provides to its customers at their Kent, Washington company.


Bates Technical College: Auto Body Rebuilding & Refinishing School - Official painter of the North American Eagle™. Under the direction of Bill Byrn the students applied the beautiful paint job while working closely with PPG consultants. Bates Technical College trains students in the highly lucrative career of auto body rebuilding and refinishing.

Small & Sons

Small & Sons Oil - Headquartered in Auburn, Washington, Small & Sons is the official fuel and lubricant supplier of the North American Eagle™. They provide the Jet A fuel and lubricants necessary to keep the Eagle on course toward that 800 mph record.

Oregon Aero

Oregon Aero, Inc. - Located in Scappoose, Oregon, this sponsor has been providing Painless, Safer, Quieter solutions to their customers since 1989 with over 500 products for aerospace and industrial applications. Oregon Aero, Inc. supplies the Seat Cushion Systems to North American Eagle™ driver.

Transaero, Inc.

Transaero, Inc. - Transaero, Inc. of Woodbury, NY as new sponsor, is the official supplier of the flight helmet, driver communications and air breathing system. Transaero, an ISO 9002 ceritified company, serves the world commercial and military fleet with quality products in over twelve countries. Team North American Eagle™ and Transaero, working together to set new records.


The David Clark Company - The David Clark Company is the official provider of ground support communications systems for the North American Eagle™.  Utilizing Model H3313 headsets the David Clark equipment will be at each and every run providing clear communications between the driver and the ground support crew.  Click here for press release.


Hydra-Pro - Located in Seattle, Washington, Hydra-Pro provides fuel lines and fittings that feed the giant S&S Turbine Jet Engine. During full afterburner the engine will consume 160 gallons of Jet-A per minute. Fuel supply is critical and the staff at Hydra-Pro are experts. Hydra-Pro, Inc. is a Crane and equipment sales, service and manufacturing company. With locations in Washington and Alaska they manufacture Marine Cranes up to 50 tons and Off-shore Cranes even larger.

Northwest Sports Divers

Northwest Sports Divers (NWSD) - The official supplier of compressed air and equipment used to pressurize the team's fire fighting foam dispenser unit. The team uses a standard 80 cu ft. aluminum scuba tank and regulator supplied by Northwest Sports Divers to pressurize the 150 gallon foam dispensor tank. This fire-retardant foam is an essential part of our fire fighting system. NWSD equipment and services play a major role in the North American Eagle™ safety program.

Spencer Aircraft

Spencer Aircraft - Spencer Aircraft of Puyallup is one of the south Puget Sound's premier aircraft equipment & accessories outlets. They have been a long time supplier of the NAE for aircraft related communications equipment. We highly recommend you check them out.


PPG Industries - PPG is the official supplier of automotive finishes for the North American Eagle™. The Viper Red paint and the distinctive Eagle is painted exclusively with PPG paints, primers, solvents.

Eddie Harris Graphics - The former Hanna-Barbara airbrush artist, Eddie has done work for the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, Ronald Reagan Library and thousands of street rods. Eddie's work now adorns the side of the North American Eagle™.

Western Fire & Safety

Western Fire & Safety Company, Inc. - This longtime Seattle business has graciously rebuilt all of our SCBA (Self Contain Breathing Apparatus) systems. These will be used in the event of fire by our Safety Team to provide breathable air. In addition they have provided critical equipment to operate the teams foam fire retardant system. This unit allows us to lay down 3 minutes of continuous foam around the NAE™ in the event of fire. W. F. & S. is approved by several agencies including ABS, DNV, Lloyd's Register, Germanischer Lloyd's, Russian Maritime Register, and Class NK Approval. They are also able to provide Approved U.S. Coast Guard Inspections. Certifications also include local Seattle Fire Department approvals and Factory Training Certification.


DANTRAWL - DANTRAWL Inc supplies Team North American Eagle™ with 5/8” cable to secure the car while we perform our engine tests.  The equipment will become a vital part of our test program and allow us to do it in a safe manner.  They supply a full line of Midwater and Bottom Trawls, Wire, Ropes and Accessories for the modern fishing fleets of Seattle and Alaska.


Covich-Williams - Covich-Williams Company supplies Team North American Eagle™ with a full range of Sorbent Products and Pads for cleaning up Jet-A fuel and hydraulic oil spills.  They are a marine fueling facility in Seattle supplying the entire NW Fishing fleet and many of Seattle's Mega-Yachts. Covich-Williams is helping break the world land speed record and helping us keep the environment clean.

Everett Steel

Everett Steel - Everett Steel provides the NAE™ project with high grade steel products for fabricating an assortment of equipment to assist in the operation of shop work. Bernard McVay, of McVay's Mobile Welding, is the team's primary contact with this company that has supplied steel products to the Pacific Northwest for decades.

Evergreen Lotus Club

Evergreen Lotus Car Club - The Evergreen Lotus Car Club has supported the project by its membership in the Eagle's Lair Club.



We know a lot of our fans are on facebook.  Now the North American Eagle™ is on facebook as well! In fact many of our team members are also!  Tell your friends! It's fun!

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