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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

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NAE™ Project: Associate Sponsors Page

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Air Liquide


Victor Aviation


Wimmer Space

Wimmer Space is about making dreams reality.  Turning into reality what appears to be a far-fetch vision which few people consider achievable.  Wimmer Space provides: Motivational speaking for corporate and schools, TV documentaries, charity work, investments in space-related businesses and space training.  In the process to inspire today's children to live out their dreams - whatever their dreams might be - and to encourage their interest in space and science.  Wimmer Space works with UNICEF, Hospice Foundation, Ideas Fondation, ShareSpace, Global Angels and other great charities to achieve that goal.


Paratech - With a history that can be traced back to 1963 and members of the Chicago Civil Defense, Paratech is an established manufacturer of an ever-increasing number of emergency service and specialty industrial products, with a particular emphasis on tools for technical rescue. See how the team will be using Paratech.

Kluber Lubrication

Kluber Lubrication - Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, has long been on the cutting edge of lubricant technology. For more than 75 years, we have been committed to providing tribological solutions for our customers, by manufacturing and supplying specialty lubricants for extreme applications.  With representation around the globe, and a product portfolio of more than 2,000 standard lubricants, Klüber's products and services are available wherever and whenever they are needed. Lubrication is our World!

Falcon Electric

Falcon® Electric, Inc. - Falcon ® Electric, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), frequency converters and AC regulators. Founded nearly 20 years ago, Falcon introduced a patented, transformerless On-line battery backup power technology to the U.S. market. Since that time, Falcon's power protection solutions have continually set technological benchmarks for performance and reliability, with over half a million Uninterruptible Power Supplies worldwide in critical applications. They offer a broad range of off-the-shelf and customized power protection solutions. Our On-line backup power products reduce equipment failure rates, eliminate downtime and ensure data reliability.

Puget Sound Rope

Puget Sound Rope - Located in Anacortes, WA, Puget Sound Rope is a leader in the maritime industry at supplying towing lines to vessels. PSR is providing the NAE™ with lines for its deceleration system.


Uremet Corp. - For over 25  years of processing urethane for a wide variety of applications, Mark Moore, founded The Uremet Corporation in 1992. The company focused on the process of bonding urethane to metal, hence the name "Uremet."

If you have ever ridden a roller coaster, it is probably safe to say you have ridden on a Uremet Wheels.   Uremet Corporation will be manufacturing our rear high speed wheels and providing engineering and R & D support.

History will be made as the North American Eagle™ runs on Uremet Wheels  when we break the 763 MPH World Land Speed Record.

Eagle Machine

Eagle Machine - Located in Abbotsford, Canada Eagle Machine, Inc. is our first and oldest sponsors. They provide all the machining services required to convert this former aircraft into North America's world land speed record challenger. There is not enough room here, but some of the work includes all the suspension parts, wheels and front canards. In addition Steve Green of Eagle Machine, Inc. is a Motorcycle Technical Inspector for the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA), Driver of a record holding Bonneville car and member of the prestigious SCTA 200 MPH Club.

S&S Turbine Service

S&S Turbine Services, Ltd. - Our second Canadian sponsor, S&S Turbine Services, is the official engine supplier of the North American Eagle™. They build and maintain all the jet engines used by NAE™. Located in Fort St. John, BC, they supply the natural gas line industry with turbine powered pumps.


LEV-X® - LEV-X® is sponsoring the NAE™ project with the magnetic braking system being used on the rear wheels. The magnetic brakes are non-friction using a specially patented process using rare-earth Neo-dymium boron which, when used in proximity to moving aluminum, generates a magnetic resistence flux. Parent company, Magna-Force, donated a semi-tractor for hauling the NAE™ around in the trailer across country.


American Valley Aviation (AVA) - Is the official Ground Support Equipment (GSE) supplier to the North American Eagle™ world land speed record challenger. Located in Quincy, California this ISO 9001:2000 certified company supports the world air forces and civilian fleet with specialized GSE. They are also a Lockheed Martin Licensee. AVA will be providing the turbine powered air start unit used to start the giant S&S Turbine jet engine.

McVay's Mobile Welding

McVay's Mobile Welding - McVay's Mobile Welding is one of the project's biggest sponsor when it comes to fabricating support equipment for the NAE™.

PCB Piezontronics

PCB Piezotronics - PCB Piezotronics, Inc is supplying the accelerometers, force sensors, load cells, microphones, pressure transducers, strain sensors and vibration sensors that will send signals to our data acquisition system.  Founded in 1967, their expertise is the incorporation of microelectronic signal conditioning circuitry within these sensors to make them easier to use and more environmentally compatible. These ICP® sensors gained wide popularity and became the foundation for the company’s success. PCB Piezotronics isl playing a big role in our quest to break the world landspeed record.


Larson Davis - Larson Davis (A PCB Company) is providing the PC-Based data acquisition system we need. Larson Davis provides application solutions through its diverse product line. Products include hand-held sound level meters, portable and hand-held real-time frequency analyzers, noise dosimeters, noise and vibration analyzers, environmental noise monitoring systems, condenser microphones and accessories. Larson Davis isl providing the data acquisition system we need to work with the PCB Piezotronics sensors.

B&I Market

B & I Marketplace - B & I Marketplace, 8012 S. Tacoma Way, has provided shoppers of the greater Tacoma area with a wide variety of items to purchase at a great value. Team NAE™ is pleased to have the B&I Marketplace as sponsors of our project.

Hydr. Repair & Design

Hydraulic Repair & Design - Hydraulic Repair and Design of Puyallup Washington is an official sponsor of The North American Eagle™ world land speed record challenger.  H. R. & D. will be providing the hydraulic support and equipment to operate the steering, canard control, air brakes and LEV X magnetic braking system.


Wolfe Air - This company is one of our long-time sponsors with a wide variety of aircraft equipped with state of the art aerial camera systems. Capturing aerial images of the NAE™ running on the lake bed will make for some interesting footage. Top Hollywood directors and producers know that our professional team and exclusive equipment allows them the ultimate creative latitude and competitive pricing.

Wolfe Air is ready to help you with all of your aerial
photography needs.

Jondolar Ent.

Jondolar Enterprises - Jondolar Enterprises, a small, yet reliable and responsive web design & maintenance service run by Jon Higley, has been providing web site support for for the past four years. If you like what you see here, Jon invites you to contact him through his business site (link above) for more information.

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