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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

We invite you to...

NAE™ Project: Request for Support

Featured Sponsors

Welders Direct
Western Fire & Safety
Covich Williams

Become a Partner on The Greatest Media Event of the Century!

Your company can be associated with the greatest automotive challenge in history.  Join the many partners of the North American Eagle™ team and enjoy a high ROI that will exceed all your previous efforts.

Your company will be able to claim “Official Sponsor of the North American Eagle™ World Land Speed Record Challenger and utilize Intellectual property (photos and video)  in all your print media, electronic medial, company communications and marketing campaigns:  In most cases to in perpetuity. In addition, you will receive any future television, magazines and industry trade shows at no additional cost.  You can enjoy front row seats on the North American Eagle™ team as a provider of equipment and technical services.

Your company logo will be displayed on the equipment you provide, race car transporter, the North American Eagle™ car and in some cases crew uniforms.  You will have direct links from the Landspeed.com™ website.

The type and number of promotional opportunities is only limited by your imagination. One example would be a presentation at your next national sales meeting. The possibilities are endless. Call today and be a part of history.

Email Ed Shadle or phone at (253) 847-3584
We have immediate needs for the following equipment:

Tool Storage

Tool Cart
Tool Cart
Tool Cart
Tool Cart

If you are a large manufacturer of hand tools, you can become the Official Hand Tools of the North American Eagle™ world land speed record challenger. The team is in need of professional hand tools that will hold up to the rigors of the aerospace industry in the harsh environment of the desert. We need well design tools and storage cabinets similar to the Snap-On TUV carts above.  We need the ability to move heavy tool carts across the lake bed without digging into the desert playa.  We need two units.

Tool Chest

In addition we need four of these smaller pull-around carts for the individual systems similar to this Snap-On unit above.

Circulating Air Systems

Circulation Equipment A
Circulation Equipment B
Circulation Equipment C

In the hot dusty air of the Black Rock Desert, Team North American Eagle™ needs portable air circulating systems to cool equipment, pressurize vehicle compartments and provide fresh air for our team of mechanics and technicians.

We are looking for industrial aerospace quality portable fans similar to these Dresser-Rand Coppus Vano air blowers.

Air Powered Tools

Tool A
Tool B
Tool C

Team North American Eagle™ is looking for a provider of industrial aerospace quality pneumatic drills, screw guns, riveters, sanders, die grinders and impact wrenches.

Tool D
Tool E
Tool F

Golf Carts

Golf Cart A
Golf Cart B

If you're a manufacture or dealer of golf carts and personal utility vehicles you can be part of history as an official sponsor of the North American Eagle world landspeed record challenge.

The team is need of three golf carts and utility vehicles to transport people and equipment at industry trade shows, test runs and high speed landspeed record runs.

We are looking for gas powered heavy duty equipment that can hold up to some the harshest environments on earth.


Other Services

This is only a partial list, but it reveals the massive undertaking such an event will entail.

Email Ed Shadle or phone at (253) 847-3584



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