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Our project's goal - break the existing record of 763 mph (1,228 km/h) by reaching 800 mph (1,287 km/h)!

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NAE™ Project: Current Project Status

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Question #1:
How Fast Has the NAE™ Gone So Far?

The North American Eagle™ has conducted over 25 test runs to date. The fastest it's gone, so far, has been approximately 400 mph in June of 2008. To read about the test runs and view pictures of them, please visit the following pages:

(Go here to view videos of some of our test runs.)

Question #2:
When Will The NAE™ Go For the Record?

This, of course, is what everyone wants to know. Unfortunately, it's hard to say. For those who understand the nature of land speed racing at this level, you already know. For those who don't, allow me to explain.

Currently, this project is supported purely by volunteers who have learned about Ed Shadle & Keith Zanghi's vision to bring the world land speed record back to North America and have given what they can of their weekends to do what needs to be done using their particular expertise. Funding for this project has been 90% out of the co-owner's pockets; the rest of it has come from donations, services, or loan of equipment by various local or regional sponsors who've learned about us and understand the potential benefit to their company's involvement. This is why we've taken so long to get to the point we're now at.

Thus far the car has reached a top speed of 400mph on a short course. However, it will be necessary to prove the vehicle's viability for a corporation to seriously consider us for sponsorship by getting access to a venue which allow us to achieve speeds in the 600 - 700mph range. This has proven difficult due to the fact that the Black Rock desert venue which has the distance but not the proper surface conditions. We're talking less than a million dollars here to go for the record. Fortunately, the surface at El Mirage was in good condition, but the distance limited the car to a maximum speed of 400 mph to safely stop without running out of smooth runable surface.

Therefore, when we'll be going for the record is impossible to say. Until we have the financial means to integrate the technology that will allow us to conduct high-speed test runs and feel confident we can safely go for the record, we can't say when that will actually happen. When we do get a major/primary sponsor, you can bet we'll be prominently announcing it all over the front page of this site.

However, even if the funding is in place to do this, we are still at the mercy of mother nature to cooperate by providing weather which will give us the right type of surface. Only if the rainy season produces the proper amount of rainfall, then the lake bed silt will dry to a sufficient hardness that will give us a smooth, even surface to run fast on. So, until the Black Rock desert's conditions are improved from what they are now, we're on "hold". However, we are currently investigating the possibility of a "plan B" venue as a backup, should funding materialize.

It's really a combination of these two factors that will determine when we end up going for the record. Remember, going for the fastest speed ever achieved on land takes not only patience, but a great deal of careful testing and persistence. It takes a very special breed to see the vision and stay with it to make something like this happen; which is exactly why very few ever pursue it.

If you'd like to send a donation to our project in support of our goal, then go here for more information.


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